Virginia, MN Zoning Review

Project Overview

The City of Virginia adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 2017. The plan provides a vision, goals and policies for guiding community growth, redevelopment and enhancement over a twenty-year timeline. One of the primary tools for implementing the plan are the city’s zoning and subdivision ordinances.

While the Comprehensive Plan establish the policies for community growth, the ordinances provide the legal regulations required for implementing those policies. A key recommendation of the Comprehensive Plan was to bring the existing zoning and subdivision ordinances into compliance with the goals and policies of the comprehensive plan.

A review of Virginia’s current zoning and subdivision ordinances finds them to be overly complicated, difficult to use and out of date (+ 40 years old) with modern land development practices. In undertaking an update of its ordinances, the city is completing the first of a two-step process:

  • Step One - Ordinance review and recommendations for updating
  • Step Two – Ordinance updating and adoption

The city Planning Commission, staff and consultants are in the process of completing step one, ordinance review and recommendations for updating. This questionnaire provides an opportunity for community members to provide input on this initial step of the ordinance updating process.

Additional opportunities to provide input into the ordinance revisions process will be provided once Step Two is underway.


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Britt See-Benes
City Administrator
City of Virginia

Bob Kost
Landscape Architect
Consultant Team