Road and Street Design

Bringing together many moving parts.

At SEH, we’re collaborating with clients to deliver complex road and street projects that serve many objectives — from concept to construction.

Road and street projects have many moving parts. They include a variety of interrelated components including sidewalks, underground utility replacement, traffic calming, traffic signal revisions and aesthetic improvements. Our engineers design ways to promote a user-friendly, multimodal environment with varying traffic volumes. At the same time, we can incorporate utility upgrades and beautiful, sustainable landscape elements into our designs. During construction, our roadway design experts can help maintain through-traffic, access to businesses, and/or identify viable alternative routes, staging plans, and innovative contracting methods that keep your street reconstruction project on schedule and on budget.

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  • Construction Staking and Observation
  • Contract and Bidding Documents
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Estimates
  • Design Surveys
  • Final Plans and Specifications
  • Geometric Layouts
  • Hydraulic and Drainage Design
  • Landscape and Planting Design
  • Lighting and Signage Design
  • Public Hearings/Public Involvement
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Utility Coordination