Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Make better use of resources with precise, accessible data.

At SEH, our GIS team is leveraging proven and cutting-edge technology to deliver industry-leading solutions to our clients.

Facing limited staff and budgets, many organizations are taking advantage of our team of client-focused GIS professionals to get the results they need. From converting paper records to implementing a robust asset management system to analyzing complex data, our expertise and experience can help your organization realize the benefits of well-implemented GIS technology. You’ll be able to:

  • Organize, update and disseminate your data
  • Increase efficiencies and streamline internal operations
  • Improve response times and service delivery to your customers and community

More than helping other organizations implement GIS technology, our GIS solutions are integrated within our entire company. SEH engineers, planners, scientists and architects use GIS on a daily basis to deliver precise, accessible and actionable information to our clients.

Consulting and Implementation Services

  • GIS design, planning, and implementation
  • Asset Management
  • Education and training

Web and Mobile GIS Solutions

  • ArcGIS Online implementations with Collector and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • SmartConnectSM service offering
  • Web and mobile integrations with existing workflows

Data Development Services

  • Database design and management
  • GPS inventory and assessment
  • CAD conversion

Analysis and Modeling Services

  • 3D GIS Visualization
  • Pipe network modeling
  • Scripting and automation