Mixed-Use, Transit-Oriented Development
Renews City’s Vision


The City of Boulder and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) needed to accommodate rising transit ridership while taking advantage of an opportunity to increase mixed-use development.


The City partnered with a development team, including SEH architects, to design and build a complex, multi-use transit-oriented development (TOD) with a boutique hotel, affordable residences, pocket park, parking and public plaza.


  • Highly sustainable, walkable, mixed-use community
  • Includes affordable residences, boutique hotel, transit, retail, parking and public plaza
  • Six-gate BRT station for RTD
  • High density, mixed-use in accordance with the Boulder Junction vision
  • Active public spaces with direct connectivity to local open space and parks
  • Five-level, 400-car parking facility with shared parking for RTD, hotel, residences and retaiI
  • Interagency coordination with RTD and the City of Boulder
  • Affordable residences in partnership with Boulder Housing

Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station

Boulder, Colo.

Pedersen Development Company


  • Architecture
  • Land Use Planning
  • Entitlements
  • Transportation Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Traffic Engineering