The Appleton office is situated along the picturesque Fox River in the renovated historic Atlas Mill Building. The building accentuates the charm of the former 1800s paper mill while embracing the technological must-haves of the present.

The office space yields views of the changing seasons, while pelicans, eagles, deer and other wildlife can be spotted along the tree-lined riverbanks. The setting is a relaxing, contemplative environment to work in. An adjacent restaurant lends itself to company fun and relaxing lunches, while the building coffee shop ensures a good start to the day.

Employees participate in a number of activities, including an annual holiday volunteer night at the local food bank. The office cancer fun run .05K raises money for cancer research and builds a friendly competition among staff.

Working in the historic Atlas Mill Building on the Fox River in downtown Appleton is wonderful. You can grab a cup of coffee or lunch downstairs, sit and watch the river go by. The historic buildings are a constant reminder that good work and craftsmanship can last a long time.