Use Digital Conferencing Tools to Take Project Meetings Online

Regardless of where we’re physically located, staying connected will be key to continuing our work together and getting through these challenging times.

Video conferencing and remote collaboration tools offer significant benefits to enable people from anywhere in the world to come together to get projects done.

SEH is here to help. Whether you’re an avid user of video conferencing or have no idea how to proceed, our project managers can take the lead so you’re part of the conversation. All it takes is the click of a few buttons. Project team meetings, design reviews, planning charrettes, project status updates and even consultant selection interviews and project site walks can easily be conducted remotely. This can even result in greater productivity over in-person meetings.

Consider these benefits:


It’s simple: If your agency already uses a preferred virtual meeting application, we can easily connect. If you’re unfamiliar with these options, we can bring the tools to you.

People are more engaged. During a time where our interactions are distanced, it’s more important than ever to venture beyond emails and faceless conference calls to achieve our collective goals. Video conferencing simulates being together in a room, allowing face-to-face communication and fostering stronger engagement from all participants.

Productivity is enhanced. Using remote conferencing tools allows for real-time information sharing, discussion and decision-making. Participants are viewing the same information at the same time, leading to productive dialogue and discussion around next steps and more immediate decision-making, versus back and forth email exchanges over days.

Even consultant selection interviews can proceed. The consultant selection process often involves shortlisting firms to the interview phase. While ideally these interviews occur in person, virtual meetings are a viable option. You can visually meet and see the team members you’ll be working with, watch how they communicate their project knowledge and approach, and view their prepared materials as part of the presentation.

Our professional relationships connect us to the work we do. Video conferencing and other collaboration tools can enhance our ability to come together and remain connected during this time. Ask your project manager for more information.

About the Expert

Jodi Winberg

Jodi Winberg is an SEH associate and director of SEH sales operations companywide. She is dedicated to fostering meaningful client relationships by bridging technological and geographic challenges. Contact Jodi

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