2018 Cypress Drive Improvements

The construction contract for the 2018 Cypress Drive Improvements project, which includes construction and expansion of Cypress Drive to 4 lanes between College Road and Excelsior Road, was awarded to Landwehr Construction, Inc. of St Cloud. Construction began on July 6, 2018 and is being staged over two years.

While the primary focus in 2018 is completion of improvements along the State Highway 210 corridor and north of 210, construction is also occuring in primarily off existing roadway areas of the remainder of the project in 2018. The new Cypress Drive railroad grade crossing will not be constructed until 2019 and will not be opened to traffic until the planned substantial completion of the entire project in October 2019.
The overall project scope includes the construction of roundabouts at the Cypress Drive/College Road and Cypress Drive/Excelsior Road intersections, a new traffic signal at the TH 210/Cypress Drive intersection, removal of the TH 210/Golf Course Drive traffic signal and conversion to a ¾ intersection, storm water facilities, municipal utilities, street lighting, bike lanes, and multi-use paved trails.

Contact Information

Scott Hedlund, PE, PMP
SEH Project Manager

Project Information

2018 Cypress Drive Improvements
Baxter, MN
S.P. 230-113-004 etc
SEH No. BAXTE 138944
City No. 4027

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Geometric Layout - June 2018
Construction Staging Map - January 2018